3 reasons why children should be motivated to play hockey

People all around the world love the sport of hockey. The game has a strategy, speed, skill, and more. That’s why it attracts so many people all the time. Children should be motivated to play hockey. It can benefit children in a number of ways.

1. It is a good form of exercise

It is one of the main cardiovascular games. It lets oxygen flow to the muscles quickly. It is possible to burn lots of calories by playing hockey. Nowadays many children are having problems like diabetes and obesity. If your children play hockey once or twice a week then children will be motivated to go outside and play instead of lying on the couch and playing video games. Your child will have stronger muscles as well.

2. It builds character

Hockey is a team sport. Children will learn about working in a team. They learn how to rely on teammates. They learn sportsmanship and to be responsible. These lessons will extend into their adulthood and help them to be better at work where they will need to work as a team with others.

3. It improves mental agility

Hockey is a fast sport. The momentum of the game can change within a very short time. Children will learn how to take quick decisions by playing hockey. Their concentration will improve.

So, you would encourage your children to play hockey. They will have both physical and mental benefits by playing hockey which will help them in future.

4 tips to become a better hockey player

If you want to be a good hockey player you should be guided by an experienced coach. With further training, you will improve your skills and do well in the game. Here are some tips to become a good hockey player.

Know what to do with the puck

You should know how to play your best when you have the puck. You should work on your passing, shooting and other skills to handle the puck and score goal. You should realize that a cut to the net or another smart move can open up a new play.

Don’t get into a fight

Hockey is played with emotion. There are times when we were on the wrong end of a hit, but not called. In such case, you can either ignore it or get into a fight with the other player. You should stand up in a legal way for yourself at the right time. You will have your chance too.

Focus on the basics

Basic things like having the stick on the ground are important. You should not forget your basics no matter how advanced player you have become. Otherwise, you will miss out on a goal or get late to open puck.

Get the goalie moving

You should always get the goalie moving. You should move more so that the goalie and the defenders become less comfortable. This increases the chance of you scoring goals.

You should remember these tips and practice more to become a good hockey player. You must remember that hockey is a fast game and you should make decisions fast. Otherwise, your opponent will move ahead of you.

Top 5 hockey players of all times

Hockey is a very popular game. Every year players that win the major tournaments become the talk of the town. We have seen many good hockey players. Here are the top five players of all time.

1. Wayne Gretzky

He scored 200 points in a single season. He achieved this four times during his career. He made the record for most goals in one season. He has scored the fastest 50 goals in one season.

2. Bobby Orr

He played for ten full seasons in the league. He is one of the most renowned defensemen in the history of hockey. He holds the record for most assists and points in a single season by defencemen.

3. Mario Lemieux

He had 282 points in just 70 games in the last season of junior. He is six foot four inches tall and could skate like the wind. He got 200 points in the 1988-89 season. Due to recurring bad health, his career was affected. As a result, during his prime, he had to retire for three seasons. He runs the Maro Lemieux Foundation that provides fund for cancer research.

4. Gordie Howe

He is one of the players to record more than 800 goals. He won six MVP trophies within a decade. He played professional hockey for 32 seasons.

5. Jaromir Jagr

He has five scoring titles which include three Lester Pearson’s and one Hart. He is still a sought-after NHL player. His fitness and dedication to training still make him a great hockey player.

These legendary hockey players will be remembered all the time. They are the role models of today’s hockey players. You can learn a lot from them.…