3 reasons why children should be motivated to play hockey

People all around the world love the sport of hockey. The game has a strategy, speed, skill, and more. That’s why it attracts so many people all the time. Children should be motivated to play hockey. It can benefit children in a number of ways.

1. It is a good form of exercise

It is one of the main cardiovascular games. It lets oxygen flow to the muscles quickly. It is possible to burn lots of calories by playing hockey. Nowadays many children are having problems like diabetes and obesity. If your children play hockey once or twice a week then children will be motivated to go outside and play instead of lying on the couch and playing video games. Your child will have stronger muscles as well.

2. It builds character

Hockey is a team sport. Children will learn about working in a team. They learn how to rely on teammates. They learn sportsmanship and to be responsible. These lessons will extend into their adulthood and help them to be better at work where they will need to work as a team with others.

3. It improves mental agility

Hockey is a fast sport. The momentum of the game can change within a very short time. Children will learn how to take quick decisions by playing hockey. Their concentration will improve.

So, you would encourage your children to play hockey. They will have both physical and mental benefits by playing hockey which will help them in future.