We are one of the most affordable hockey clubs in town. We offer training to both junior and senior players. We make sure that players can play in appropriate teams according to their own abilities. No previous level of experience is needed to join our club. We are affiliated with a number of hockey associations. Our teams take part in various events both local and national level. We develop our players in such a way that they can compete with the best teams in hockey.

What we offer

We welcome new members at any time of the year. We offer friendly matches all over the year. So, those players who join us just to have fun can also take part in these friendly matches. The children’s group consists of players from age 6 years old. Players of age 17+ are considered to be senior players. We have separate teams for men and women. Our playing fees cover weekend hockey, training and coaching. Whenever there is a tournament, you will need to pay a match fee if you participate. We have summer hockey and midweek leagues and other festivals also throughout the year.

Our fees

Seniors: $50/ month

Juniors: $30/month

If you are interested in joining our club, please fill out the registration form. For junior players, the parents need to fill up the form. We hope to see you in our club soon!